March 08, 2012

Rita Hayworth - The Dancing Queen



Although I have said before that I love the historical movie genre, here and here,
I also really enjoy old movies, especially musicals. 
 You can’t help but feel some exhilaration watching people dance and sing so skilfully. 

One of the best is “Singin’ in the Rain” – a perennial favourite of mine, and another is “Kiss Me, Kate”. 

To say my taste in music is wide and varied is putting it mildly. 

I have also done a post on Cole Porter as I love his music too.

It is quite obvious that music plays a very important part in ALL movies – any genre you care to name and I won’t even go there now.
No wonder there is an academy award for music scores!
Today my friend Edith sent me a rather interesting clip.

 This features Rita Hayworth, one of the old Hollywood legends who simply don’t exist these days, in my opinion.

 It’s a great combination of modern music and the dancing of several Hollywood legends, especially Rita Hayworth.

Whoever put it together – well done!

Thanks to Edith and Paula for sending me this.